What time is it? It's VICTON's Stupid O'clock

What time is it? It's VICTON's Stupid O'clock

A story of chaos and confusion sang like a whisper of love by VICTON. Stupid O’clock is the title track of the group’s seventh mini-album, Chaos. This album follows the story of escape and chase of the last chapter of the time trilogy series, Chronograph with the group members, Seungwoo (who’s now serving his mandatory military time), Seungsik, Chan, Sejun, Hanse, Byungchan, and Subin who escape from space and fail to become the subject of their own time. Chaos marks IST Entertainment VICTON’s comeback after four months from their last work of the Time Trilogy series.

As a gift to the ALICE (their fandom name), Panorama.it spoke with them ahead of the release of Stupid O’clock.

Congratulations on your comeback! Can you please introduce yourself to the Italian public?

Hello, we're VICTON! We are so happy to be able to greet Italian fans with our 7th mini album “Chaos”.

Your new album is called Chaos and its the second chapter of the Time Trilogy that started with Chronograph. Can you tell us more about it?

Chan: This album is very impressive because there are many styles and vibes that we never experienced before.
Subin: This album is the second story of the Time Trilogy, and it has a total of 6 tracks. What we're trying to say is that we've tried our best to melt it into the music video, so please watch it!

Your title track is called Stupid Oclock and its a really intense pop dance song. Which is the strength of this song?

Sejun: If the previous songs were always filled with the choreography in the chorus part, this time we worked on taking out a lot. I think our strength is that we think of the choreography when I listen to the song.
Byungchan: The members always get along well with everything regardless of genre, so I think our vocals are our strength this time as well.

Your album features six songs in total. Id love to hear your point of you on each of them. But first, how would you define this album in one word?

Chan: All six songs are different genres and have different charms. You can tell by the chorus and intro, but I think the trendy sound is the point. To define this album in one word, I think it's our first step.
Hanse: The genres and feelings of the songs are all different, so I think each of you will feel differently, so I think it'd be good to play all the songs and listen to them according to your preference! To define this album in one word, the title song reminds me of the word "decadence".

Lets start with Bonnie and Clyde. You became villains for this song. How did you feel it?

Seungsik: Everyone would think of a dark image when it comes to the word ‘villains’, but I think it would be good to think of villains in this song as cooler and more outspoken!
Hanse: Contrary to the lyrics of "Transforming into a villain," the song itself has a very bright atmosphere, but it's more impressive, and I think it'll be fun to savor the lyrics!

Then we have INK. The lyrics have such sexy vibes. Like “ Fill all of Mine with all of yours.” How was working on this track?

Byungchan: I always practice hard before recording, so there wasn't much difficulty, and thanks to Seungsik's coaching, I finished it well!
Subin: I think INK is the most similar song to the title Stupid O'clock! But it's a song with a villainous vibe, so I think I recorded it with that in mind.

Next one is one of the candidates of summer song of the year” and it's called Stay. Can you tell us more about it?

Chan: Stay has a Latin feel and the melody itself is fancy, so it's a song that you'll fall in love with when you listen to it while watching the sunset in summer.
Sejun: When I first heard Stay, I thought of the ocean, so I think it's a very attractive song that goes well with summer.

And then In Love which contains the promise to go on together no matter what. Subin you co-wrote the lyrics. How was it?

Subin: So I was a little flustered at the beginning because I was a little pressed for time to work, but I think I finished it very quickly because I wrote what I wanted to say to the fans in the lyrics I had a good opportunity to write the lyrics.

The last one is Dear. Young. A ballad with a profound meaning that speaks to a tired adult. Seungsik, you co-wrote the lyrics of this song. Can you tell us more about the work behind this track?

Seungsik: I think there will be a young moment when everyone wants to go back at least once. I wrote the lyrics thinking about their feelings and my trainee days.

Can we play a game? Without overthinking, can you describe yourself with one color, one food, one song, and one adjective?

Seungsik: Gray/Pizza/Dear. Young-VICTON/Bright
Chan: Gray/Hamburger/eyes on you-VICTON/Shining
Sejun: White/Pizza/utopia-VICTON/Passionate
Hanse: I think the color is different every time, but my favorite color is black. I think sushi is my favorite food these days, and the song is a pop-punk genre and the adjective is "cool"!
Byungchan: White/Bibimbap/Last Dance-Bigbang/Perfect
Subin: Black/Cinnamon/'obvious'-ayelle/Cute

What is VICTON's next goal?

Seungsik: I have a lot of goals, but now my goal is to meet all ALICE who I haven't met in person due to COVID-19 more often through stage and music.
Chan: I think our goal is to be healthy and happy together!
Sejun: My goal is to give more fun to the fans through various schedules with the members!
Hanse: After this 'Chaos' album, I'm planning to prepare the last album of the time trilogy series, and I want to have concerts and performances in various places in Korea and abroad!
Byungchan: I want to continue to show good performances to the fans and the public, and continue to give you good music!
Subin: Our goal is to give happiness to ALICE.

And one last question: who are VICTON now?

Seungsik: I think it's my diary in my 20s.
Chan: I think it’s like the youth I've been with in my 20s.
Sejun: There are hard days and good days, and I think they are full of memories together! There are so many days, so I want to say, "Good job" to each other.
Byungchan: Like a friend, anyone can be close to each other.
Subin: I think they want to be precious to ALICE!

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