Meet the enchanting MAMAMOO

Meet the enchanting MAMAMOO

If you are curious about what would happen if four significantly different and talented individuals come together to form a group, we have an answer for you. MAMAMOO is probably one of the eclectic female groups in the K-pop industry. Formed by RBW in 2014 and composed by Solar, Moonbyul, Whee In, and Hwasa, the group that debuted with “Mr.Ambiguous” a song which is still considered one of the best K-pop debuts ever, is now well-known thanks to the powerful concepts behind each member and the strong vocal performances. But it’s not just like that. MAMAMOO were able to destroy some of the preconceptions behind the female K-pop industry, and they have been on the front line and stood up against body shaming multiple times. Hwasa made a few headlines during the group performance in Germany ad KPOP.FLEX for her bold choice to wear flash pink see-through tights that covered her whole body. A strong message that made the group appearance more powerful than ever. Because what we saw in Frankfurt was a real show that put down one and for all the voices behind their disbandment. MAMAMOO’s showed not only their steady heavenly vocals but a true friendship. Since a comeback as a group, as stated by their leader Solar, is not going to happen soon, reunions on stage like this are a precious gift for the MooMoo. spoke with them after their performance on the stage of the KPOP.FLEX.

Welcome to Europe, girls. There is no need, but can you please introduce yourself to the Italian public?

[Solar] Hello! I think it’s my first time saying hello to you. We are MAMAMOO a group that is active in Korea.

I think this is the first time the Italian MooMoo has had the chance to speak with you. Can you please share a message with your fandom?

[Moonbyul] Italian MooMoo! I’m happy to say hello like this, and I hope we can see each other often in the future! I’ll be waiting for the day we can meet in person.

Talking about the Kpop Flex, how does it feel to come back performing in front of an audience like the one you had here in Frankfurt?

[WeehIn] It’s been a long time since I performed with the audience, and I was so excited to be with so many people overseas even before I got on the plane. I was so happy that more than 40.000 people sang with me and enjoyed it. The energy I received from the stage was amazing. I was able to gain strength and I think I worked harder on the stage than ever.

You debuted in 2014. How did the k-pop industry change, in your opinion?

[Hwasa] As K-pop changes, I think MAMAMOO has tried many things to show various aspects. I think we’ve grown together since 2014. Just like there are so many people who like MAMAMOO’s songs right now.

You all have side projects as solo artists; what’s the main challenge of going solo despite being in a group?

[Moonbyul] When we’re promoting as MAMAMOO, we can gather opinions and decide, but when we prepare for our solo album, we have to make more decisions by ourselves, so I feel a lot of pressure. And I was a little afraid of standing alone on stage, but I tried to overcome those with more practice.

Last year you released WAW, a very powerful and meaningful mini album in which you showcased the harmony of your group. Which is MAMAMOO’s strength?

[WheeIn] I think MAMAMOO’s strength is their vocal harmony and good energy on stage. Harmony seems to have been made based on long practice and a lot of performances, and I think MooMoo’s sparkling eyes made me feel good. It was so nice to see those eyes that almost made me cry.

In March you dropped your documentary. Four episodes cover the group’s career from its debut and will show the behind-the-scene efforts in reaching success. When you think of your first days as idols there is a particular memory that comes to your mind?

[Solar] Of course, wouldn’t it be our first debut performance? It’s our first official day as an idol. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to feel the nervousness and excitement of that time.
[Hwasa] And I still can’t forget the moment when we had our first solo concert. We were scattered to appear on the opening stage separately, but the memories of that time when we were left alone are still vivid.
[Moonbyul] I think MAMAMOO is the only movie in the world. The time that we’ve made with our members and MooMoo is the only time in the world, so many precious memories are piled up like a film.

What’s coming next for MAMAMOO?

[Solar] I think there are a lot of opportunities to see domestic and foreign MooMoo. As Mamamoo has been waiting for a long time, we’ll prepare well so that we can come back quickly!


Following an incredible inaugural event in Frankfurt, which saw 65,000 fans descend on the city, K-pop continues its Global Tour as KPOP.FLEX, Europe's largest-ever mega K-Pop festival, with two already confirmed appointments in 2023. KPOP.FLEX will be returning to Frankfurt's Deutsche Bank Park Stadium on Saturday, June 17th, and Sunday, June 18th, 2023 and will come to London for three exhilarating nights at The O2 from 22nd to 24th September 2023. The three-day cross-campus event will utilize the venue's iconic arena, indigo at The O2, and other locations across the campus, with a Fan Fest offering fans a range of activities to immerse themselves in Korean culture.

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