Unstoppable VICTON

Addictive music? Check.
Movie-live MVs? Check.
Breaking their personal records? Check.

VICTON are unstoppable. The 6-members group under IST Entertainment, composed of Seungwoo (who's serving his mandatory military time), Seungsik, Sejun, Hanse, Byungchan, and Subin, came back with their eight mini-album, Choice, anticipated by the title track, Virus. According to Hanteo Chart, Choice sold 100.198 copies in the first week of its release (November 15 to 21), breaking the group's personal record previously achieved earlier this year with their mini-album, Chaos.

We sit down with them to chat about their last release.

Welcome back, boys. The last time we spoke, you were about to release Chaos, and now we are already at the end of this trilogy. How does it feel?

Sejun: It's a shame, but we're also proud that we prepared hard while thinking about the story.
Subin: Thank you (he smiles). I feel proud and strange to be able to finish the time trilogy that I have worked hard on!

Choice is the last piece of a long story. Can you tell us more about it?

Hanse: This is the last chapter of VICTON's Time Trilogy, and it's an album that highlights VICTON's new musical attempts
Byungchan: It's an album that contains the message of accepting any choice without regret, and it's an album that unravels the fear, confusion, choice, and everything that came out in the Time Trilogy.

Virus is an addictive song that shows us a side never seen from you, boys. How was it recording it?

Seungsik: When I first recorded it, I was worried because it was a very difficult song, but when all the members practiced hard and a good song was completed, I was very proud.
Hanse: As it is a new genre to challenge, the members also practiced hard and prepared, so I think a good work came out.

Can you reveal to us some behind-the-scenes of your MV?

Seungsik: There was a scene where Subin got into water, but Subin was very nervous, and everyone filmed it in a tense state. When Subin got into water and made an embarassed expression, he was so cute and proud.
Sejun: At the time of filming the music video, I was worried about whether I would be able to come out well because my physical condition was not good, but I'm glad that the results came out better than I thought.

And you boys - all together - wrote the fifth track of the album, Feels Good. How was it to write a song together?

Seungsik: I thought it was not easy to write the story of five people in one song, but I think we were able to come up with good lyrics because the meaning was the same even though everyone thought differently.
Sejun: It means that we're making an album together, and I feel more proud whenever I sing that song.
Hanse: I think it was a fun experience because I could understand each member's thoughts and feelings.
Byungchan: The lyrics are about our own stories, so I was able to relate to them more and came up with many thoughts.
Subin: It was not easy to put the lyrics of 5 people into one song, but I think I was able to come up with good lyrics by writing with a clear theme.

If you each had to pick a favorite song on the new album, what would it be, and why?

Sejun: ‘Better Place’ - I chose it because I could imagine the members’ being mischievous and I liked the recording atmosphere.
Byungchan: ‘Time Chaser’ - It was the first rock band-based song, so it felt very fresh.
Subin: ‘Time Chaser'. We all face difficult times, and I thought it was a song that could give us courage, so I chose it.

Now that this trilogy is ended, what’s something you hope ALICE learned about you from your music?

Seungsik: There may be times when you think your destiny is predetermined, but in the time until that fate, we make choices and live in confusion. In the end, you are the one who creates all of that time and destiny, so I hope you can do your best in every moment and create the best moment.
Sejun: Alice, thank you so much just for being by our side all the time. Please know that we will run further, and just as Alice loves us, we, VICTON, are also working hard to make Alice even happier!
Hanse: There are no musical limits for VICTON! I want you to know that.
Byungchan: We will do our best so that we can run to you no matter what challenges come our way.
Subin: I think the reason why book and movie music is fun is because each person accepts it differently, so I just hope that whatever you feel through us can work in a good way :)

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