Discovering Lombardia, among shopping, VIP watching and art
Discovering Lombardia, among shopping, VIP watching and art
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Discovering Lombardia, among shopping, VIP watching and art

Milan, Como Lake and the palaces of Mantova among its best destinations

Lombardia is a multifaceted region: you can experience chaotic exciting city life in Milan, have a naturalistic getaway at Como Lake, and also see some historical buildings, art works and palaces in Mantova.

Milan is the main city of this region, a perfect match for fashion lovers. Besides the well-known shopping street Via Montenapoleone, in the city centre, there is a new area becoming more and more prominent in the scene of young alternative shopping. Between Corso Magenta and via San Giovanni sul Muro, you can buy trendy make up, children's apparel, bijoux and garden furniture. This vibrant and elegant shopping pole is surrounded by hidden lanes, palaces from the Milanese nobility and bourgeoisie and, behind the wrought iron fences, by some beautiful secret gardens. In the Church Santa Maria delle Grazie, you can see The Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci, a unique masterpiece nominated world heritage by Unesco.

At Como Lake in recent time, you can practice some VIP watching. In fact, Holliwood celebrities like George Clooney and Robert Pattinson have bought beautiful villas on the shores of Como Lake. Even though this beautiful site has a lot to offer in terms of nature and history, the celebrities' presence has become an actual form of touristic attraction.

For some more artistic experience, you can visit the cities of Mantova and Sabbioneta, where you can observe some singular architectonic examples from the Renaissance. These two cities are symbol of the very power of Gonzaga family back in the sixteenth century. The beauties of Mantova, such as Sparafucile Cliff are often cited in the famous composer Giuseppe Verdi's operas, like Rigoletto. When you are in Mantova, you cannot miss Palazzo Te, the summer residence of the Gonzaga family.  Here, you can admire the meticulous shades in the Giants' room by Giulio Romano.

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