The Global Food Innovation Summit looks at Water
The Global Food Innovation Summit looks at Water
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The Global Food Innovation Summit looks at Water

The precious resource protagonist of the new call “WaterFirst”

Seeds&Chips, The Global Food Innovation Summit, has recently launched WaterFirst, the Call for Ideas entirely devoted to all the innovative projects concerning the sustainable use of water.

WaterFirst is mostly devoted to startups, universities, research centres and innovators from all over the world. There will be 30 projects on the final stage, which will be given a space at the next Global Food Innovation Summit, taking place in Milan from May 7th until May 10th 2018. Among these 30 finalists, only 5 projects will get a monetary contribution to take part to the Summit and only 1 project out of the 5 will receive a 10.000 Euros prize.

The main aim of the call is to find effective solutions for the most pressing challenges the planet needs to face today. A wise use of water is certainly among those: water is a precious resource but always more polluted and scarce due to its the intensive use at the global level. More specifically, WaterFirst is devoted to projects concerning Climate Changes, Food and Agriculture, Nutrition, Packaging and Waste. In addition, the projects presented will have to fall within maximum two of the following categories: Urban Areas, Suburban/Rural Areas and Developing Countries.

The jury of WaterFirst will be made up of relevant experts, scientific advisors of the Summit, such as the Italian Institute of Technology and the National Council for Research. Furthermore, there will be partners and experts of Food Innovation. The criteria on which the applications will be assessed are the originality of the project, the impact on the existing innovations and on the economic and social system, the sustainability and the development opportunities.

All WaterFirst participants - including those who will not be part of the 30 finalists, will be invited to take part in Seeds&Chips 2018, where they will be invited to present their products and expand the network to entrepreneurs and investors from all over the word.

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