Storeden: an easy and fast way to sell online
Storeden: an easy and fast way to sell online
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Storeden: an easy and fast way to sell online

A new platform giving more visibility to Italian excellence

Storeden is a platform allowing the launch and the management of an online shop in a few minutes. This is the best way through which "newbies" - having no technical knowledge on how to install and program a website - can start a new activity and connect it to their different accounts, such as Facebook, Amazon, eBay and Google Shopping.

Storeden plays an important role in the Italian economic scenario where 94% of all products - even those that are later physically purchased at the shop - are firstly searched online. Therefore, it is essential for high quality Made in Italy products to appear on the online marketplace. Although, only few companies (trading Italian excellences) have a website, representing 6.5% of the total number. This small number is mainly due to the fact that elaborated software and hardware are required to those companies willing to open up an online shop, needing continuous technical assistance.

As a result, Storeden is the perfect solution for Italian Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs): thanks to a small monthly subscription, participating SMEs can enjoy an e-commerce, easy to configure, multi-lingual and easy to use. Furthermore, the portal would be continuously up-to-date by the central management system.

Francesco D'avella - Storeden founder - has enthusiastically commented on his product, defining it "a software ready to use, simple and accessible to small companies making them competitive on the market". Moreover, in order to create a turn-key service, Storeden has integrated diverse marketing services, such as Blog, Gift options, Gift cards, Phone orders, verified reviews, Live Chat, Newsletter and much more.

Storeden enables Italian SMEs to debut into the online trade, presenting excellent products, which are greatly appreciated not only in the Bel Paese but also outside national borders.

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