Marketers Company: when “social entrepreneurship” becomes business
Marketers Company: when “social entrepreneurship” becomes business
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Marketers Company: when “social entrepreneurship” becomes business

An innovative way to provide digital assistance

Marketers Company Srl is a new Italian business conceived to provide digital training to more than 40.000 young people a day willing to work in the digital sector. Marketers was founded by two young Italian entrepreneurs, Dario Vignali and Luca Ferrari, both 26 years old.

Marketers was launched as a Facebook group three years ago and its development was exceptional: 10 people work for Marketers today, all based in different locations all over the world. Through the web, Marketers employees provide assistance to all those who have a digital project to realise. In less than a year, this project obtained a turnover of more than 1 million Euros and it is still growing.

Marketers was born in October 2015 in Northern Italy, when Dario and Luca imagined to organize a new and original event that would allow people to create professional relationships, interacting with no boundaries. In a month only, everything was ready and Dario and Luca launched the first Marketers meetup. They announced the meetup on Facebook and since that moment the growth was unstoppable: today, Marketers is a solid entrepreneurial reality, active to provide training to thousands of people willing to enter the digital market.

Marketers concept is very innovative. As the two founders explain, "our goal was to create a new young entrepreneurial class via the web with no offices or desks, and with no time constraints." Therefore, the main idea underlying Marketers is to give birth to a real movement, a global project with no physical headquarter. The project has been very successful so far and the founders have proudly declared that "many young people managed to transform their passions in their job, establishing competitive businesses not only in Italy but also abroad".

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