Log-Os: an Italian revolution in medical logistics
Log-Os: an Italian revolution in medical logistics
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Log-Os: an Italian revolution in medical logistics

An innovative system boosting the efficiency of hospitals performance

Zanardo Servizi Logistici Spa is the Italian logistic company revolutionizing the management of drugs in Italian hospitals. Figures showed how 12% medicines given to public health establishments expires without being used. This fact generates a loss of 900 million Euros, stressing the urgent need for a better management of medicines. Zanardo Servizi Logistici Spa met this need by proposing Log-Os, a system of medical logistics, recently receiving in Rome the Prize Innova S@lute.

The organizational model Log-Os is active since 2005 in several Italian hospitals, enhancing the security of the patient, creating and managing a digital flow of physical and informative drug-tracking, also monitoring medical devices and other medical materials. The use of Log-Os has produced several advantages: drugs total deposits registered 30% decrease, the expired drugs number in stock was halved, also setting at zero le fraudulent dispersions caused by the negligent use of drugs and medical goods.

Zanardo Spa President, Damaso Zanardo, has recently remembered the scope of his company: "The patient is at the centre of a supply chain process starting in the moment of his/her hospitalization, continuing with the first medical prescription and finishing with drugs delivery". Zanardo's corporative logistic model includes an interaction between hardware, networks, smart robots and trolleys combined with an excellent training of personnel. According to Mr Zanardo, these elements are the key for the success of an efficient logistic model.

Today, Log-Os represents an icon of medical innovation in Italy. Forum PA has recently awarded Log-Os with the Absolute Prize for the Engineering of Hospitals. Several Italian hospitals have chosen Log-Os, such as the Cardiology Ward in the Civil Hospital of Venice. The latter has been ranked as the third best Italian hospital wards by Agenas (Agency for Regional Medical Services). This achievement was accomplished also thanks to Log-Os, remarkably boosting the efficiency of the ward.

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