Lastello: the new way to organize a funeral on line
Lastello: the new way to organize a funeral on line
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Lastello: the new way to organize a funeral on line

The innovative Italian company facilitates this onerous task

The digital era has come for all sorts of services, funerals included. The Italian company Lastello stands out as an innovative character in this field. It has created a portal to help the customer finding the most suited funeral agency for his needs. In fact, not only the portal compares the prices and the distance, but it also provides information on the quality and the proficiency of the agency.

Lastello is not only useful for private clients but also for funeral agencies. In fact, it presents a number of advantages for both. On the one hand, clients have the chance to choose the agency after having acquired all the required information. Beside the geolocalization service, clients are informed on all the details of the service, assuring a certain level of transparency. On the other hand, agencies have the chance to use the portal to digitalise their services and reaching greater visibility! Lastello offers a good alternative to spare money on advertising, connecting the agency with the users. The service is totally free for the clients whereas agencies can choose between a free account or a "partner one" that has many more options.

Notwithstanding its recent creation, Lastello has been quite successful in its early stages. In fact, it counts today about 300 companies covering all main Italian cities. Furthermore, the portal has been set up with minimal graphics in order to make its use simple and intuitive.

The leadership of Lastello has enthusiastically commented on the innovative character of their company, pointing out the usefulness of the initiative to facilitate agencies work and their ability to put them in contact with the market demand of their sector.

Last but not least, Lastello aims at growing more, creating a real management system for the companies to decrease their administrative tasks and to show their initiatives and services in the most effective way.

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