Maserati launches a new line for young drivers
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Maserati launches a new line for young drivers

New accessories and a "real" Maserati GranCabrio model for children

The famous brand Maserati has just launched a new line. The main target? Young drivers. The new fashion lines appeals young children from two different perspectives. For those who have been raised in a Maserati-lovers family, it would be great to eventually have the chance to jump into dad's beautiful sport car with a perfect outfit: a cap, a t-shirt (with eithr long or short sleeves), and a sweatshirt. White, black, or blue.

The little ones, instead, would probably enjoy even more the "Maserati GranCabrio model for children", which faithfully reproduces the exclusive Maserati Carbrio model: perfect down to the smallest detail, from the lines of the bodywork to the wheel rims, and to the realistic reproduction of the front and rear lights, the car is powered by a three-speed electric motor with reverse gear. The interior of the toy car is enhanced with a series of unique details including the steering wheel, which faithfully reproduces that of the original car, seat belts, audio buttons with LED lights, speakers with MP3 connection and a USB memory card reader to play music. The model comes with a rechargeable battery with good energy capacity, and a battery charger, and can carry up to 30 kilograms, which makes it suitable for children up to 7 /8 years.

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