Most beautiful spa in Italy

From Lefay Dolomiti to the historic Terme di Saturnia. Here are Italy's most beautiful spas for the perfect getaway to total relaxation

Italy is a world-leading country for this type of facility with some absolute excellence. Here are the 5 most beautiful spas in our country:

1) Lefay Dolomiti

The new Lefay Dolomiti Spa & Resort is located in the Madonna di Campiglio ski area in Pinzolo, the major center of Val Rendena. The Resort's design was studied according to the principles of bio-architecture, characterized by extensive use of natural materials from the area, such as fir and larch wood for the exterior cladding, oak for the parquet flooring, chestnut for the furnishings, and Adamello tonalite, a granite-looking stone used for fountains in the mountain pastures.


The innovative wellness method created by the Lefay SPA Scientific Committee is renewed and enriched with two new Health Programs.

Since opening in 2008, the Lefay SPA Scientific Committee has perfected a method that blends the principles of Classical Chinese Medicine with Western scientific research. This union is the basis of the Lefay SPA Method, geared toward the total rebalancing of body, mind, and spirit through the pursuit of Health in Awareness, that is, thinking about oneself every day in a responsible, natural, and healthy way.

Covid-19 has profoundly altered the daily lifestyle: people have had to learn to live with a growing sense of anxiety and goals that have become hazy, thus feeling the need to be reassured and accompanied in managing the present moment. For this reason, Lefay SPA Method increasingly wants to stand for change and guide them toward rediscovering their deepest needs. The contents of the method have thus been deepened and expanded to include two new Health Programs, "Immune Defenses and Gut" and "Longevity."

Starting this year, each program has also been divided into macro-categories to guide the Guest in making the most suitable choice for his or her psychophysical state:

- RELAX: Anti-Stress Program and Sleep Program
- RELAX: Immune Defense and Gut (NEW) Program and Detox Program
- REMODEL: Weight and Sports Program
- RENOVATE: Deep Beauty Program and Longevity Program (NEW)


By booking one of the "Energy Flows" Health Programs, it is possible to begin the journey before arriving at the Resort by filling out a questionnaire regarding one's psycho-emotional state. Upon arrival, Guests are taken through a series of activities, consultations, and treatments of the chosen program. Finally, post-stay support is also provided to help the Guest maintain the desired goals.


The Lefay SPA Method pillars are the five foundations of the Health Programs:

1- Clinical Energy Diagnosis.
The energy doctor inquires about certain characteristics of the organism by trying to perceive small variations in energy long before they evolve into pathology, also using scientific instruments. The treatments in the program are customized according to this energy diagnosis.

2- Treatments From Chinese And Western Tradition.
Treatments are customized according to the individual psychophysical state and are designed by combining the principles of Classical Chinese Medicine with Western techniques, thus combining traditional massage techniques with the stimulation of "points and meridians" that activate energy function, ensuring depth and duration of treatment.

3- Holistic and Breathing Disciplines.
Physical-energetic rebalancing activities and age-old techniques that promote full rebalancing, such as Qi Gong and Meridian Stretching, are also integral parts of the course.

4- Phytotherapy and Supplements.
The Scientific Committee has studied some blends of Western organic plants born from the union of Classical Chinese Medicine with Western scientific research, formulated both for their properties and for their energetic function.

5- Healthy Eating.
The Lefay SPA Menu aims to help change eating habits through education on the nutritional characteristics of various foods and the psychological processes that determine attitudes toward food. The dietary approach studied is detoxifying and slightly low-calorie and aims to ensure energy replenishment through selected foods; the gifts of nature, local produce of the area, fruits and vegetables in their season. For Classical Chinese Medicine, the flavor of the food is of relevant importance: therefore, without changing its characteristics, seasonings are reduced by using small amounts of extra virgin olive oil, little salt and alternative sugars that do not alter the glycemic index.

2) Eala lake Garda

EALA Luxury Spa

Seeking one's own balance, listening to oneself, and taking care of body, soul, and mind: this is the goal of EALA Luxury Spa, the wellness space of EALA, a 5 * Luxury hotel overlooking the waters of the lake in Limone sul Garda, characterized by environments that repropose dreamlike images and linked to the natural environment, in line with the "My Lakeside Dream" philosophy. 1500 square meters of pure relaxation where you can be pampered by qualified professionals and indulge in wellness experiences with a privileged view of Lake Garda and Mount Baldo. Waiting for the guest: outdoor infinity pool with heated water, 33° indoor pool with whirlpool, underwater sound music and panoramic glass window, panoramic sauna, Mediterranean sauna with lemon essence, Turkish bath, ice room, Kneipp path, emotional shower, and healthy food corner with relax area and steam fireplace. In addition, 8 treatment cabins, including one for couples and an emotional one, allow guests to try massages, beauty and aesthetic treatments, and territorial experiences: special treatments based on local products that transport guests on a unique multi-sensory journey.

2) Quellenhof Luxury Resort Passeier - Alto Adige

Surrounded by mountains, meadows, and forests and not far from beautiful Merano stands the Quellenhof Luxury Resort Passeier, a 5-star hotel with unparalleled wellness offerings thanks to more than 10,500 square meters of spa with Water World, Sauna World, Salt Temple, a park with a bathing lake and Acqua Family Parc.

Always characterized by its modernity, which blends perfectly with South Tyrolean traditions, the Dorfer family resort now offers guests a spectacular new addition: the new Rooftop Spa surrounded by South Tyrolean nature, featuring a design inspired by the shapes of the fountain that welcomes all guests at the resort's main entrance. One dip and you seem to float suspended in the glass infinity pool, overlooking the mountains of the Passeier Valley and heated to 32°C all year round.

QMD body treatment - non-invasive beauty treatment that, through a single ergonomic handpiece, subjects the areas to be treated to exogenous heat (thermo treatment) or low temperatures (cryotherapy). Through the handpiece, a deep cryotherapy massage is performed that cools the fat tissue to a temperature of +2/+3 °C for a specific amount of time. This causes the destruction of fat cells, which are subsequently eliminated by the lymphatic system in a gradual process that can last several weeks. Final results occur after about three months. It only takes one session to already appreciate a significant reduction in fat tissue.

LPG Therapy: Endermologie - is a painless treatment that uses the stimulating effects of deep suction massage.
This new technology promotes connective tissue regeneration and can be used by anyone and in any part of the body, for example, to combat cellulite, improve circulation, and prevent loss of tissue tone. This treatment leaves the skin visibly smoother and healthier.

Microneedling - is a new and effective aesthetic medicine treatment that counteracts loss of skin elasticity due to the effects of time and factors such as sun, stress, and smoking. This method also makes it possible to treat scars left behind by accidents, diseases, or surgery. The treatment is carried out using the derma roller, a medical device with very thin needles that activates circulation locally and stimulates epidermal regeneration by triggering a process of cell renewal and the formation of new collagen and elastin. Microneedling is also excellent in combination treatments with autohemotherapy, mesotherapy, botulinum toxin, and hyaluronic acid fillers. Price from € 430 per treatment, duration 30 minutes.

For the face Q-Touch fountain of youth - Intensive treatment for face, neck, and décolleté comfortably lying on the wavebalance® Sound lounger, a relaxing body treatment that works with the undulatory rhythm of the water. It is ideal for those who want to regenerate the natural balance of facial skin through targeted massage and with the deep action of active ingredients released from natural oils selected according to the client's needs.

3) Fonteverde

It's called Equilibrium, the new wellness philosophy by the Italian Hospitality Collection, which also includes Fonteverde, the property nestled in the beautiful Tuscan hills that is part of the Leading Hotels of the World chain. Ihc has launched a new integrated program to help find harmony between body, mind, and the environment around us. The approach is innovative and involves a mix of nutrition education, spa treatments, anti-stress techniques, and physical activity in contact with nature.

"Equilibrium represents the evolution of our wellness philosophy as it was born in the places where the purest thermal water springs. The welcome, the enchantment of Tuscan nature and the regenerating power of thermal water are an integral part of it," says Dr. Nicola Angelo Fortunati, General Manager of Therme & Spa of Italian Hospitality Collection. "Equilibrium brings together the well-being of body and spirit through the acquisition of a new awareness in stress management and the relationship with diet and movement. Our philosophy offers guests much more than a wellness experience; it gives the benefit of treatment and, together, the knowledge to start a new, healthier, serene, conscious lifestyle."The strengths of Equilibrium are nutrition, The Thermal Waters, Anti-Stress Techniques, and Physical Exercise. The new Equilibrium program can boast the presence of a Specialized Medical Staff at the guest's side throughout the weekly course and even once he or she returns home. The multidisciplinary team is composed of physicians, tutors, and therapists who are experts in the field of physical and manual therapy and oriental disciplines, as well as personal trainers, beauticians, and spa operators who complete the course with exclusive aesthetic and mud-hydrotherapeutic treatments.

4) Palazzo Fiuggi

PALAZZO FIUGGI - Wellness Medical Spa

One of the historic icons of Italian hospitality, which is closely linked to the international reputation of the Fiuggi spa destination, has been reborn after a masterful restoration with the ambition of becoming a world-leading Wellness Medical Spa.
Palazzo Fiuggi is the name that was chosen to pay tribute to the water that springs from the region's natural springs, celebrated for its healing powers since the early 14th century. The palace, which dates back to 1913, has been recognized by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism as "worthy of protection and preservation for the Art Nouveau style that gives it particular architectural merit."

Palazzo Fiuggi, almost a year after its opening, has become one of the world's most influential wellness destinations thanks to a medical concept that uses a scientific approach applied to new models of wellness, health, and longevity that are based on the principles of personalized medicine.

At Palazzo Fiuggi, "the water of wellness" is a transparent thread that flows, binds, and becomes synergistic with all the programs and high-end services of the Medical Spa spanning 6,000 square meters devoted to wellness and remise en forme.
Prevention, Regeneration, Longevity, Nutrition, Balance, and Beauty are the pillars on which Palazzo Fiuggi's team of internationally renowned physicians, scientists, and gurus has developed a range of unique programs, which starting from targeted assessments and diagnostic consultations allow for the construction of customized paths based on individual needs, capable of guaranteeing tangible results, with a follow-up protocol to follow up and maintain the goals achieved once back home.

Collaboration with The Ranch Malibu

Palazzo Fiuggi, an award-winning wellness medical retreat that opened last May, announces an exclusive partnership with The Ranch, a U.S. excellence in the world of health and wellness based in California. A union that enhances the worldwide uniqueness of the two retreats and results in the common goal of developing protocols based on the basic principles underlying a long-lived life, lived in respect of the inseparable body-mind-soul system.

Coming to the medical team is Dr. Vikas Gupta

A specialist in Ayurvedic Medicine, Nutrition, and Lifestyle Medicine, Dr. Vikas Gupta has a Master's degree in Yoga and Alternative Principles of Medicine from the Himalayas of Integrated Health & Personal Transformation.
Developed two new 3- and 5-day programs combining three main components: nutrition, yogic breathing, and the use of herbs, whose healing properties allow the body to naturally regain its balance and harmony, enhanced by Fiuggi water, renowned for its healing powers for more than 600 years.

5) Terme di Saturnia

Terme di Saturnia is all about the thousand-year-old spring of the Resort, which is part of the Leading Hotels of the World chain from which springs a unique, world-powerful water. Here lies authentic, natural, and historical beauty. For 3,000 years, the thermal water has gushed forth uninterruptedly from the heart of the earth, bringing to the people who approach it a powerful beneficial action. Beyond the legend that Saturnia was the oldest Italic city, what is known for certain is that it already existed in Etruscan times under the name Aurinia, later renamed Saturnia by the Romans. The Etruscans ascribed it a sacred character, and the Romans, great admirers and users of the baths bathed in this water to treat their war wounds on their return from military campaigns. In later centuries this portentous thermal crater was often referred to as the "holy bath." Terme di Saturnia's Beauty Clinic has been recognized as "Best medical Spa" by Italian Spa Awards, thanks to the extraordinary millennia-old power of the spring's thermal water, which, together with the great professionalism of the expert operators, contributes to the wellness and medical offerings. Notable among the 2019 new additions to the treatment menu are Medi Face, two different integrated protocols for face and neck that make use of the professional expertise of doctor and esthetician; Endermologie Viso e Corpo, with the innovative technology of Cellu M6 - Alliance designed to reactivate the dormant cellular activity in the heart of our skin and fight against all imperfections with immediately visible results; and Tecar Therapy, an electro-medical treatment that allows to speed up the recovery of trauma and inflammatory pathologies.

6) Varsana Spa Health & Wellness - Palazzo di Varignana

The Spa of Palazzo di Varignana, in the new concept, discovers its Health dimension and its intimate connection with the territory. These are the two main themes, capable of transforming the vacation into a path of knowledge aimed at discovering new lifestyles suitable for those who want to find a greater psychophysical balance.

Inside the Spa, the space identified as Spa Fusion becomes ARS VIVENDI - the ART of LIVING WELL because in the search for the art of living that in all cultures of the world and in the most ancient traditions are found rituals for the body and mind capable of creating harmony and well-being in man. From Japan to Morocco, passing, of course, through the great spa culture of ancient Rome.

From autumn 2020, the territory also enters the spa spaces. In particular, the traditional wet path of the spa will be enriched with two new areas, which will see the territory present with an original and unique offer: The White Gold Quarry and The Cave of the Gullies.


The environment reproduces a salt quarry to promote the benefits of halotherapy: salt therapy. The temperature inside is 38C, and the heat is dry to allow the pores to open and receive all the benefits of a salt environment but without causing excessive sweating. The heated wooden benches, on which one can lie down, allow gradual and total relaxation by naturally relaxing the back muscles. The saltiness of the air, which can be felt during inhalation, leaves a pleasant feeling of "opening" the airways. The salt can also be felt on the skin, with a slight but pleasant tingling sensation. The salt used in the cave is the renowned salt from the nearby Cervia Salt Pans: rich in trace elements present in the mother water (and used in the wellness line) such as iodine, zinc, copper, manganese, iron, calcium, magnesium, and potassium.


The sensation is that of entering right into a cave, not just any cave, but one that is typical of the surrounding area: the badlands, also called "Sassuno or Dragon Salse." These sauces dilute the clays, forming salty slurries that are more or less dense. Inside the room, salt and mud are used for do-it-yourself body treatments.

Private SPA

Then there is a private space, the Private Spa, with total Japanese-style areas inside (complete with a tea ritual) where you can find total well-being away from even the connection of your phone (unplugging for a few minutes only does you good)

Among the signature treatments worth mentioning is the Olive Oil Ritual Massage, made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Palazzo di Varignana. A complete and delicate ritual with a strong nourishing action, thanks to the innumerable properties of the prestigious local olive oil brushed all over the body with slow and relaxing movements, followed by a massage with the moisturizing olive oil emulsion from the Palazzo di Varignana cosmetic line. The ritual ends with the application to the face of the exclusive Palazzo di Varignana brand pomegranate anti-pollution serum and cream.


Palazzo Fiuggi

Terme di Saturnia
Lefay DolomitiUno dei locali dell'area Spa di Lefay DolomitiUff. Stampa Lefay Dolomiti
Forte-VillageUna panoramica Del Forte Village ResortUff. Stampa Forte Village Resort
hotel-therme-merano-Sky-SpaUna immagine della nuova Sky Spa dell'Hotel Therme MeranoUff. Stampa Hotel Therme Merano
Lefay DolomitiUno dei trattamenti della Spa di LefayUff. Stampa Lefay Dolomiti
Lefay DolomitiUna delle vasche della Spa al Lefay DolomitiUff. Stampa Lefay Dolomiti
Forte-VillageUna delle vasche di Acquaforte, la Spa del Forte Village ResortUff. Stampa Forte Village Resort
Forte-VillageUna immagine della spa privata di Acquaforte, la Spa del Forte Village ResortUff. Stampa Forte Village Resort
Forte-VillageUna delle vasche di Acquaforte, la Spa del Forte Village ResortUff. Stampa Forte Village Resort
Lefay DolomitiUna delle vasche della Spa al Lefay DolomitiUff. Stampa Lefay Dolomiti
Lefay DolomitiIl Lefay Dolomiti a PinzoloUff. Stampa Lefay Dolomiti
Versana-SPA-Palazzo di Varignana

Versana-SPA-Palazzo di Varignana

(Palazzo di Varignana)

Versana-SPA-Palazzo di Varignana

Versana-SPA-Palazzo di Varignana

(Palazzo di Varignana)

Versana-SPA-Palazzo di Varignana

Versana-SPA-Palazzo di Varignana

(Palazzo di Varignana)

Versana-SPA-Palazzo di Varignana

Versana-SPA-Palazzo di Varignana

(Palazzo di Varignana)

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