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Arte Laguna Prize launches its 13th edition

Celebrating contemporary art in all its forms

Arte Laguna Prize is the award promoting contemporary art which gathers thousands of artists from all over the world. Every year, they are selected by an excellent jury of experts in Venice to be part of the great exhibition Arsenale di Venezia.

The Prize has received widespread appreciation by both private and institutional subjects. In fact, the Arte Laguna Prize has received a medal by the Italian President of the Republic and it is currently sponsored by a number of institutions, such as the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Italian Ministry of Cultural Goods and Activities and the European Design Institute. In this year edition of the prize – the 13th to date – design will have its own dedicated category, also including heating objects, with an ad hoc jury composed by well-known architects and designers, such as Alfonso Femia and Danilo Premoli.

Artists will have the chance to apply for ten different categories this year until November 27th 2018. These categories are design, painting, sculpture, installation, virtual art, photo art, digital graphics, video-art, performance, urban art, land art. The jury will select 120 works of art from the different categories above mentioned which will then be displayed at the great Venice exhibition – Arsenale di Venezia – on from March 16th until April 7th 2019.

Among the 120 finalists, the jury will select 6 winners who will be awarded with money; the total jackpot is 42.000 Euros. Other relevant prizes of the 13th edition of the award include the Artist in Residence (5 residences in Europe and overseas will be given to 9 artists to create new works of art and decorate a multicultural environment), Business for Art (artists will collaborate with companies in order to strengthen the connection between creativity and productive world), and Artist in Gallery (this prize will give the chance to set up 4 exhibitions in International Art Galleries).

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