Piano Industria 4.0: a critical assessment of its effectiveness
Piano Industria 4.0: a critical assessment of its effectiveness

Piano Industria 4.0: a critical assessment of its effectiveness

The results presented at the 16th Annual Forum of Leonardo Committee

Milan has recently hosted the 16th Annual Forum of Leonardo Committee, the annual appointment gathering institutions, entrepreneurs and representatives of the financial world who meet to assess the current progress of Made in Italy and the development of Italian companies.

The focus of the Forum for this year was Piano Industria 4.0 implemented by the Italian government about one year ago. In particular, the main questions discussed during the Forum were how has the Piano been endorsed by Italian entrepreneurs and what results has it achieved?

In order to answer these questions, Leonardo Committee commissioned a specific research to KPMG Advisory, entirely devoted to the theme "Industria 4.0 for a global enterprise". The research showed how 76% of Italian companies know about the Piano, mostly big companies whose activities are related to the industrial sector rather than small companies involved in building and trade.

The data presented highlighted how in 48% of cases the Piano increased the investments convincing 73% of entrepreneurs that the governmental initiative will have a positive effect on their business. In particular, 62.4% believe that the Piano Industria 4.0 will increase the productive effectiveness while 48.4% entrepreneurs are convinced that the Piano will increase the value of their products  and services.

Luisa Todini, President of Leonardo Committee, has positively commented the Piano Industria 4.0 stating that " the results of the first year of Piano Industria 4.0 are very encouraging: the 'Italian way' - based on tax reduction for companies- has given an input for more industrial production and investments in new technologies". Luisa Todini has also remarked how it is essential to foster an effective collaboration between universities and the corporates world in order to develop the right infrastructures to assure an enhanced connectivity, such as the broad band.

Also Michele Scannavini, President of ICE Agency (co-organiser of the Forum), has expressed his support for Piano Industria 4.0, declaring that the initiative "stood out as a remarkable trigger for Italian competitiveness on international markets, being more and more interconnected".

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