Matteo Renzi’s perspective on Europe
Matteo Renzi’s perspective on Europe

Matteo Renzi’s perspective on Europe

Learning about the new community Italy would like to shape

A couple of days ago a long editorial written by the Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi was hosted by the British newspaper The Guardian. The Italian Premier took this chance to talk about his perspective on Europe, while stressing at the same time the achievements the country reached under his government.

There are at least a few passages that are worth to be further stressed as they summarize the view and the priorities of the current government. "Italy has been simplified. What seemed impossible just two years ago is now a reality". In 22 months only, the government succeeded in "transforming the labour market, changing the voting system, cutting taxes while reducing the deficit, reducing delays in the civil justice system, battling the red tape of bureaucracy, and investing in education and research". Everybody knows that a lot more needs to be done, but at least we can say that the country is not only going in the right direction, it is also advancing very fast.

According to the Italian Premier, "Italy is back, more fit and stable, more responsible and ambitious", but to be even more effective, the country needs a stronger and more focused Europe, not the current one which seems having gone missing in action. Fluctuating position on immigration, double standards on energy, austerity are definitely not the right card to play to keep Europe as a strong international actor.

"We need to change pace now. We are not asking for this because Italy needs it, but because Europe needs it. And my country, finally stable after years of political tension, does not intend to fall short of the moral obligation that we have towards finally building a future for Europe. We love the vision of Europe's founding fathers, but we need to build a Europe for their children too, a Europe that does not look after just its own. [To build this kind of Europe,] we need to change pace immediately. We need to act without fear, but with clear and concrete plans, in the knowledge that if Europe fails, the world is a weaker place".

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