Hello beauty: new trends on the Italian beauty market

Hello beauty: new trends on the Italian beauty market

Younger generations are looking for good quality unbranded products sold at good prices

The ever-younger audience (2018 will be the year of Gen Z), the growing power of influencers and the increasing "ethical" and tailor-made products. These are just a few phenomena that have begun to shape the beauty world. For a market whose value will be reaching 430 billion dollars by 2022, it is very important to understand new emerging habits and trends.

"Hello Beauty" is the result of the experience gained over the years by the Low team: being able to recognize and anticipate trends in the beauty world and its communication. The Low team is  The Big Now's research unit specialised in fashion, luxury and beauty and coordinated by Massimiliano Chiesa.

Among the most interesting discoveries of Hello Beauty there is the fact that the digital market has created a mechanism whereby people have the chance to purchase anything. Even though style in itself has been dictated by the masses and by globalization for years, internet has given individuals the opportunity to search for whatever they want. As far as beauty choices are concerned, what individual wants is usually determined by influencers, that is individuals with an audience, who are capable of influencing consumers' purchasing behaviors with their charisma and knowledge related to specific themes or areas of interest.

A new trend that started emerging in 2017 is the rise in celebrities leading their own

beauty brands. A global trend fed by names such as Kyle Jenner, Kim Kardashian West or Robyn Rihanna Fenty, the most searched even on Italian territory.

The business opportunities of the beauty field have also been grabbed by various fashion brands, which have promptly gone on to launch their own makeup and/or skincare lines.

Thant being said, and despite the main objective of companies is growth, today's market segmentation is actually seeing the negation of 'brands', making people more inclined to get closer to a single product rather than creating a bond with a brand. This brings to the birth of the first brandless lines, good quality unbranded products at a good price.

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