Italy-China Cultural Forum launched in Beijing

Italy-China Cultural Forum launched in Beijing

Why the two countries have decided to invest in their cultural connections

Italian and Chinese Ministers of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism have just signed a new agreement promoting bilateral exchanges in the art fields to strengthen their cultural connections. As explained by AgiChina24, both countries aim at increasing exchanges and cooperation between museums, theatres, foundations and major festivals as well as to promote exchanges of experience and technology in the protection and restoration of cultural heritage and, finally, promotion of co-productions.

According to the Italian Minister, "The Italy-China Cultural Forum will be an operational platform to promote sustainable forms of cooperation between the two countries, [relaunching bilateral] cultural and tourist cooperation in all fields". On top of that, it is believed that the new forum will be further cement "the feelings of friendship and mutual admiration" that have been characterizing Italy-China relations since the time of Marco Polo and Matteo Ricci.

The new forum will perfectly serve Rome and Beijing commitment to promote the knowledge of civilization, culture and history between the two countries as well as to increase exchanges and cooperation in cultural, artistic, and musical and film either. In other to prove itself up to the expectations of a 21 Century Forum, the new platform is also committed to support bilateral exchanges in the field of design and the creative industries, cultural heritage and Museum exhibitions, as well as to facilitate any sort of exchange of experience and technologies in the fields of restoration and maintenance of cultural heritage.

On top of that, Italian and Chinese representatives have stressed their intention to use the newly established Forum to relaunch cooperation in the fight against theft, illegal excavation, illegal and illicit import and export of cultural goods. Finally, the Cultural Forum is expected to facilitate the understanding and appreciation of the art cities both in key cultural tourism; to promote cooperation between the institutions and local communities of Unesco World Heritage sites in the two countries; and to broaden the cooperation in the tourism sector, with specific reference to the dissemination of alternative routes to more famous destinations.

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