Ernesto Solari’s pieces on show in Como

Ernesto Solari’s pieces on show in Como

A collection of 100 works opens on March 22nd at Palazzo del Broletto

On March 22nd the exhibition "The Journey of the Soul" will be inaugurated at Palazzo del Broletto in Como. A collection of 100 pieces of Ernesto Solari will remain on show until the 27th of April. For those interested in Italian Renaissance, this can be a great occasion to know more about the world of the Great Master Leonardo Da Vinci.

This exhibition has been organized in a way to offer visitors a distinct path marking "the evolution and the thought of Solari as a man and as an artist who gives voice to metaphysical questions through his pieces". The event is also "a powerful synthesis of the artist's fifty years work dedicated to art, painting, sculpture, not to mention the studies and interpretation of the works of art of the great masters of the Renaissance". Indeed, not many people are aware that Solari is a scholar of Leonardo.

Organizers have introduced concepts such as soul, dream and eros as "the mood of the show, with numerous points of cultural interest related to Solari's artistic experiences: a unique common thread that finds references both in the Renaissance culture and in more recent times that have inspired and contaminated the artist's production, especially pyrographs and wood carvings".

Alongside the exhibition, two other events related to Ernesto Solari have been organized. The first one, scheduled for March the 28th, celebrates Solari's fifty years experienceas an artist with the help of the art critic Roberto Borghi. The second one, scheduled for April the 23rd, focuses on Solari's latest findings about Leonardo Da Vinci. Both events will take place at the Como Public Library. In this occasion, the artist will illustrate the outcome of his most recent research work, introducing some of Leonardo's unknown pieces to his audience.

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