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#BipBootCamp: a smart boot camp for young Italian talents

A new platform to share knowledge on economics & finance, marketing, management and digital transformation

#BipBootCamp is the new business school for management consultants. The prestigious training centre was set up to help young talents enriching their academic knowledge on the following subjects: economics & finance, marketing, management and digital transformation.

The school was founded by Bip (Business Integration Partners) and Mip Politecnico in Milan and it was specifically conceived for those students who wanted to undertake a career in consultancy who do not have any "Stem" study background (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics).

A great point of strength of #BipBootCamp is the “Smart Learning methodology” used; i.e. an innovative approach using different modes of learning and contents fruition (in class, on line and practice), which makes training more effective.

The didactic methodology is characterized by a heavy experiential connotation, analysis of cases-study as well as work groups to facilitate the learning process and to become more familiar with the role of consultant. In addition, a digital tutorship will also allow students to have a continuous interaction with Mip Faculty and to share comments and thoughts with the online community. The online training will last 24 hours and it will be followed by 12 days of intensive training where students will be involved in the study of real cases within working groups.

Carlo Capè, Bip- Business Integration Partners CEO, has enthusiastically commented on this initiative, defining it “another of achievement of ours, fruit of the precious collaboration with Mip. Also Andrea Sianesi, Dean of the Graduate School of Business of the Mip Politecnico in Milan, has remarked the great value of the business school: “it is a great opportunity for our school to collaborate with Mip partner companies and to be part of a prestigious network working around the activities of the school”. Moreover, Mr Sianesi has highlighted how the school is a real “smart boot camp” devoted to young talents with a background in humanities who want then undertake a career in consultancy.

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