MercanteInFiera opens its doors in Parma

From September 29th until October 7th jewels, cars, nature and much more to see

MercanteInFiera, the well-known fair exalting modernization, vintage and collectibles, will be on for this year edition from September 29th until October 7th in Parma. The attractive power of MercanteInFiera and its 1000 exhibitors appeals more than 50.000 visitors and 5.000 buyers per year today. It stands as a very much appreciated international event where buyers come from different countries, such as the USA, UK, Turkey, France, Germany, Spain, Russia, China and Japan.

Venetian glass beads – famous around the world for their class and beauty around the world - will be at MercanteInFiera in the side event "The road of glass pearls from Venice to Timbuctu XV-XX century".

The glass pearls were known as "Margarite" (Marguerites) in 300' and some kinds were found in different sub-Saharian regions. These pearls tell about the beautiful and exclusive art of Venetian glass Masters. It is not a secret that all those who revealed the process of Venetian glass manufacture were punished with death penalty by the Government of Venice. The amazing glass pearls shown at MercanteInFiera were also found in different sub-Saharian regions and tell the story of far places and their culture.

Another noteworthy side event of the fair is "From plate to design: Sergio Scaglietti's maieutics", celebrating the story of Mr. Scaglietti who became a designer – after years of repairing mudguards – and a precious contributor to Ferrari. Enzo Ferrari noticed Scaglietti in 1939 while he was a simple worker and he immediately understood Scaglietti’s talent. The two men started then a professional relationship and a solid friendship, which lasted for their whole life. Scaglietti designed some well-known models for Ferrari, such as the 250 Testa Rossa [3], 250 GT California [4], 250 GTO [5], 750 [6] and 860 Monza [7].

The fair is also hosting a green space – "Arcs and Parks" – where visitors can enjoy a fascinating path among trees and within a fairy-tale atmosphere inspired by the story of the three nymphs: Egle, Espere and Aretusa.

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