Three Italian restaurants in the world top 50s

Three Italian restaurants in the world top 50s

Tradition, innovation and art mark Italian culinary excellence

The British magazine Restaurant has just published the 2014 ranking for the 50 best restaurants in the world.  The award is very prestigious and designates the best chefs of the year. The title this year was contended between chef Renè Redzepi, restaurant Noma, in Copenhagen, Denmark; chef Can Roca, El Celler in Girona, Spain and Massimo Bottura, L'Osteria Francescana in Modena, Italy.

"We rank amongst the first five in the world. It is a position that everyone desires. We did well and are happy about the result". These are the first words from Chef Bottura, after his restaurant was assigned the third place, as in 2013. Bottura is continuously blending traditional cuisine with artistic innovation, creating an overall unique culinary experience.

L'Osteria Francescana is not the only Italian restaurant present in the ranking. Amongst the first 50, there are two other Italians. Restaurant Piazza Duomo, chef Enrico Crippa in Cuneo, Italy, came in 29th place. Piazza Duomo opened in 2005. Ever since, it has researched creativity in the simplicity of their dishes, fostering healthy eating and wellbeing. In 46th place came Le Calandre, chef Massimo Alajmo, Padova. Their focus is fluidity, meaning that every element contributes to the overall harmony and balance of the recipe.

Three restaurants ranking amongst the first 50 in the world is a big plus for Italy and confirms the peninsula to be a hub for culinary excellence. What these three restaurants have in common is the research for innovative techniques, maintaining culinary Italian tradition. Chef Bottura, Crippa and Alajmo consider cuisine as a form of art, drawing inspiration for their plates from their personal experience, nature and the authenticity of their origin.

Restaurant Combal Zero, chef Davide Scabin, in Turin, which ranked 40th in 2013, didn't make it this year in the culinary Olympus. However, coming in the 51st place is still a good result.

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