The best chef in the world is Italian

The best chef in the world is Italian

The success of Massimo Bottura

Massimo Bottura is the best Chef in the world. This eminent title was given by the World's 50th Best Restaurants 2016, the chart considered as a sort of food Oscar held in New York.

The skilled Italian cook was also very proud to receive a degree ad honorem Company Management. "In such important moments, I think about the past...if my father and my mother were here, they would have been very proud of me", Mr Bottura declared to the Italian press.

Massimo Bottura represents a remarkable example of excellent management of a small family business in Italy. He was able to achieve great success in a few years and a worldwide fame. Mr Bottura was able to identify the right mix of quality, visibility, creativity, team management and product innovation. At the same time, Bottura was able to keep the bonds with local food traditions. Originally from Bologna, the Italian Chef has always had the desire to exalt his territory and its products, implementing a culinary art standing out as the perfect mix between local and global, also given Bottura's passion for travels.

In his interview with the Italian newspaper Il Resto del Carlino, right after the prize as best chef in the world, Bottura said: "I'm surprised and proud. The degree received was a great honour given by the oldest university in the world (Bologna). Furthermore, knowledge leads to more knowledge and fosters responsibility".

Bottura is very environment-conscious, leading world campaign against food wastes. The initiative started during ExpoMilan 2015 and now it is arrived in Brazil, teaching people how to cook using leftovers.

Modena is the headquarter of Bottura's activities where his restaurant is located, celebrating the city as a homeland of two other Italian icons: Pavarotti and Enzo Ferrari. For the future, Chef Bottura envisages initiatives abroad, such as London, Los Angeles and New York.

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