Luca Cerqui’s craftsmanship

Luca Cerqui’s craftsmanship

The successful story of a young Italian artisan

Luca Cerqui's story is definitely an example of Made in Italy success. The young Italian artisan, almost 30 years old from Bagnolo Mella (Brescia), has opened up a very creative business. In his lab, Luca creates design furniture - such as design tables and bathroom furniture - using wood and iron. The two primitive materials together constitute the perfect couple, creating a great equilibrium between warm (wood) and cold (iron) perceptions.

Luca's lab is now three years old. In the beginning, Luca was working with an artisan who would make what Luca projected. But after some time, the talented Italian designer decided to do all the job himself.

Luca's passion for design was consolidated through his decision to attend Brescia Beaux-arts Academy, where he was adequately trained. During an interview with Italian daily newspaper La Stampa, Luca defined his style today as "essential, minimalist and natural". Luca's works mirror his main goal: to prove that what we get with old materials is not necessary something unfashionable. Conversely, it is possible to create something very trendy.

Luca is basically a self-taught person for what concerns furniture making: he learnt only by looking at the artisan he was working with for a short time and by watching tutorials. Although, as remarked by the young professional, he has always had a great manual ability.

It is essential for Luca to assure high quality and top design because his clients are very demanding. What buyers appreciate more about Luca's creations is the fact that they are unique pieces and they are sold at reasonable prices. Furthermore, over the creation process, Luca continually sends his client pictures documenting the progress done. So doing, the customer also becomes an active part of the process.

For the future, Luca wishes to improve his creations and techniques, building something that he likes and - at the same time -  which is able to amaze himself as well. His best creation so far? The Hairpin table, which hides a very accurate research job and which stands today as Luca's forte.

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