Mara Carfagna

Introducing Italian beauty icons

Mara Carfagna, Gaia Repossi and Giovanna Battaglia

Over the end of one year and the beginning of the following one, people tend to go crazy for rankings. The best start-ups in the world, best restaurants, most paid actors, models and CEOs, best resorts, and so and so forth.

Italy is usually mentioned in most of these rankings, but this year its performance was particularly remarkable for "beauty" and style. In list on the most handsome and attractive politicians in the world, the Italian member of Parliament Mara Carfagna got the first position thanks to her style and looks.

The Financial Times, instead, mentioned Gaia Repossi and Giovanna Battaglia in its "Best Dressed 2014" list. The former has been praised for understanding "the power of the perfect shirt", the latter for being a "true fashion chameleon".

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