Leave Nanni Moretti and Woody Allen in Cannes

Leave Nanni Moretti and Woody Allen in Cannes

Geoffrey Gilmore on Italian cinema in an exclusive interview

"Italian film must stop doing remakes of foreign films. It's too easy to copy a French block-buster comedy. You need to put your money on new talent.

The other day I asked a group of Italian producers, who is an unknown director that is really good? They weren't able to answer. They put their trust in famous names like, at best, Nanni Moretti and Bernardo Bertolucci.

Absolutely not young, innovative ones." Geoffrey Gilmore, guru of "indie" (independent) film, for 20 years head of the Sundance Film Festival and for the last three director of Tribeca, is not very diplomatic.

He is in Italy to launch Tribeca Firenze (June 11-18) with 12 participating films and born of the partnership between the company co-founded by Robert De Niro, Tribeca Enterprises and Tuscan Sun Festival.


But remakes are also done in the US ...

True, unfortunately. Even the most progressive filmmaking often banks on who's famous, like the Coens and Woody Allen. But I'm not interested in the stereotyped view Allen has of Italy. I want to know whatItalyis like today. Let's just leave Woody in Cannes.


Don't you think that indie films which are so in-fashion today, are losing their calling?

In fact, I want to transform Tribeca into an experimental platform for new styles of narration and new technologies.


Rome, Venice and Turin are all competing against each other. Are there too many festivals in Italy?

I don't think what's causing the friction is overcrowding. The Rome festival is growing and has even nabbed Marco Müller as its artistic director. But competition can only be positive. Tribeca Firenze is the prototype for indie films of the future.


Who are the Scorseses of tomorrow?

Kim Nguyen, director of War Witch and Ben Dickinson. His First Winter is the quintessence of what an indie film should be.


Your favorite Italian directors?

Emanuele Crialese. He has his own unique style; he has bewitched me. And Matteo Garrone. But they also turned forty some time ago. We're looking for new blood.


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