Washington disclosing Italian food traditions
Washington disclosing Italian food traditions
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Washington disclosing Italian food traditions

A couple of events to anticipate the potential of Expo Milan 2015

Ahead of opening of the 2015 Milan EXPO, the Embassy of Italy in the United States organised two conferences in Washington for celebrating Italian food history and cuisine expert Francine Segan.

The first one has been hosted by the Library of Congress, the world's largest library, where Segan spoke about traditions and innovations in Italian gastronomy. The other was organized at the Italian Embassy, where the audience was introduced to the true story of chocolate, from its discovery by Christopher Columbus through to the famous gianduia and chocolate of Modica, as well as some of the most recent Italian inventions and successes in this field. With Expo Milan 2015 focusing on food, this in undoubtedly a good initiative to advertise the potential of the Exhibition Italy is hosting.

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