The 2017 Michelin Guide is out, good news for Italy
The 2017 Michelin Guide is out, good news for Italy
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The 2017 Michelin Guide is out, good news for Italy

Celebrating Italy and its 343 starred restaurants

Many countries in the world are celebrating the new "rising stars" that just entered the latest edition of the famous Michelin Guide, the most important guide to eating out in the world

As reminded by the British Blog Great British Chefs, "Michelin anonymous inspectors have spent the last twelve months dining in the places that encapsulate everything incredible about the world of food and drink", and decided "bringing the total number of three-starred restaurants in the UK back to four". New York is just slightly better than the UK, with six three-starred restaurants.

Three-starred restaurants are not the only ones included in this prestigious list, which is indeed awarding worthy venues with either one star (a very good restaurant in its category), two stars (excellent cuisine, worth a detour), or three stars (exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey).

Italy maintains eight three-starred restaurants, and if we consider all starred eateries it is second only to France with 343 starred locations.

The great star of the 2017 Guide is the famous chef Enrico Bartolini, who left the two-starred restaurant "Devero" in Cavernago, in the Brianza area, to start his new eatery in Milan, Mudec, and who received one star each for two more restaurant he is running in Bergamo-Città Alta, Casual, and in Castoglion della Pescaia, in Maremma, La Trattoria Enrico Bartolini. His motto? Contemporary classic.

The best regions for starred restaurants are Lombardia (58), Piemonte and Campania (39 each), while Emilia Romagna is the queen for Bib Gourmand, with 33 eateries offering a good meal for less than 25 Euro.

The 2017 Michelin Guide edition has also launched two new cathegories: the "dish", for restaurants offering good meals with high quality products, and the "Like" column, where Michelin inspectors are asket to give more emphasis to the most exceptional places they end up to, considering food, the atmosphere of the place as well as the eventual breattaking panorama it is offering.

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