Expo 2015 astounding architectural masterpieces
Expo 2015 astounding architectural masterpieces
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Expo 2015 astounding architectural masterpieces

A perfect mix of sustainability and creativity

One of the protagonists of Expo 2015 is certainly architecture as a genre and its remarkable impact. Visitors passionate about it, should start their tour from the Zero Pavilion, where a 5 thousand squared meters path leads the guests through a deep insight of the humanity food story, stressing the global right to food security.

A second stopover not to miss is Israel Pavilion, where it will be possible to learn more about the techniques the Israelites used to grow in the desert, as an input for future crops. A 70 meters long wall, decorated with living plants and flowers, constitutes the scenario of the display. Furthermore, inside the United States Pavilion visitors can see a vertical garden inspired by the traditional open granary, created by the US archistar Jim Bieber and the Italian Andrea Grassi.

In line with the characteristics of the territory, a canyon engraved in a false rock leads to the United Emirates Pavilion, whereas the Italian Palace hosts the project Nemesi&Partners, which works as a converter of polluting substances into inert salts, praising sustainability. The high consideration for the latter is also manifested within the Coke Pavilion, where waterfalls and natural ventilation systems have replaced air conditioning, as well as in the Vanke, Banca Intesa and Enel Pavilions all set up using sustainable materials and structures. Open Pavilions rotate around an organic garden made up by Slow Food.

With regard to nations, besides the structures devoted to Germany, China and Slovenia (including an outdoor space with wineries, olive trees and a mini-forest), the Nepal Pavilion stands as a sign of commemoration for the tragic earthquake that has destroyed the country.

Worth mentioning is also the United Kingdom Pavilion, focused on bees' pollination stages and their return to the hive, accompanied by audio-visual effects. All participants have done their best to show the beauties of their countries at Expo. This is the reason why it is worth to fly to Milan just to have a look at what they have been able to do.

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