An Italian Salami Festival, in Australia
An Italian Salami Festival, in Australia
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An Italian Salami Festival, in Australia

The “Salami Festa” has become a new must for Melbourne, in Australia

In October this year, Melbourne will host a new edition of its widely appreciated "Salami Festa". As reported by the Australian magazine Italianicious, to prepare people to this gathering, several Salami Sessions workshops will be organized from the 14th to the 29th of June, allowing participants to share a truly Italian experience. "Whether it be making sauce, wine or salami, the Italian philosophy is based around getting together with your family, and that's half the fun".

Participants will begin their Salami day with boning, porchetta and salami making demonstrations, and then they will have the chance to make their own salami. After that, they will relax with a delicious wine tasting.

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