A unique holiday in Tuscany
A unique holiday in Tuscany
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A unique holiday in Tuscany

The top-10 hotels plunged in the beauty of olive tree groves

Autumn might be the right season for a quick escape to a suggestive place. This could be the catalyst to go to Tuscany, to one of the 10 amazing hotels surrounded by olive trees, identified by the Italian daily Corriere Della Sera.

First to be mentioned is the Colleoli Farm, internationally appreciated for its extra-virgin oil since 1865. Most charming is the walk around the 200 hectares property. Besides, Castello di Meleto  (between Siena and Florence) became well known for its organic oil, whose quality is assured by the 1600 healthy plants, producing 12 kg olives each. The castle offers tastings to its guests, along with exclusive accommodation in the rooms d'époque but also in the rectory and surrounding buildings.

Located between the hills of Pisa and Volterra, Fibbiano Farm stands out as a beautiful spot where visitors can enjoy a direct contact with nature, taking part in the harvest. Moreover, the swimming pool is not to miss for its great high position, representing a privileged observation point.

Castello di Ama emerges as a small burg characterized by a few stone houses, three chapels, a 18th century villa and a great number of vineyards and olive tree groves. The castle represents an ideal destination for travellers looking for a mixture between taste (with its wines and oil) and art, given its rich modern art collection.

Borgo San Felice can be proud of its 140 hectares of vineyards and 1500 olive trees. It also offers stylish rooms looking at the characteristic small lanes of the medieval town.

Tenuta San Pietro hosts a fascinating resort surrounded by olive tree groves but also by ancient villas, all built around the 15th and 19th century. Lastly, Borro covers over 800 hectares where workers still harvest with their hands and where visitors can to enjoy a horse ride through the property.

Not to miss are also Sansanino (with a breath-taking view on the Transimeno Lake), Villa il Poggiale and Villa La Massa, both representing the Renaissance charm.

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