US crowds kickstart Italian "Ego!"
US crowds kickstart Italian "Ego!"
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US crowds kickstart Italian "Ego!"

Five Italian engineers and a crowd of investors willing to take the risk to bet on Italian design launch Ego! A mouse allowing for 2D and 3D interaction.

Put together five Italian engineers, their idea and a crowd of investors willing to take the risk to bet on Italian design. The outcome will be a little device with nice colors and a pretty self-confidentname ("Ego! Smartmouse"), whose aspect lies somewhere in between a computer mouse and a Wii remote.

Well, going beyond the appearance, this is exactly what it is. Ego! is a mouse allowing for 2D and 3D interaction, which lets you work on every computer, store data, move easily from one electronic device to another and once you're done play Ninja Fruit or your combat-flight simulator. "Laura Sapiens" is the name of the Startup backing this project.

Ego! embeds a three-fold innovation. First, it works both as a classic computer mouse and as a 3D remote. Second, you can store your data either on it or on your cloud and easily move them from one electronic device to another. Third, you can use it as an air mouse to control every screen remotely, from a Smart TV to a projector.

Should it still sound too ordinary, let's say that Laura Sapiens is raising the needed funds on Kickstarter, the US based crowd-funding platform. Here the public finances new projects with little monetary contributions, receiving the outcome of the project itself in change (ranging from design products to tickets for a show).

The launch of Ego! occurred just a few days ago, on the 27th of February. Today it already raised £ 10,316, more than half of the total needed funds... quite an impressive result.

There is no missing premise for the success of this young startup: the idea, the product, the funds. And in the end, Steve Jobs showed how smart ideas channeled into technology and good design can be disruptive... maybe already a good reason to boost our startuppers' Ego!


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