The Apps for an unforgettable holiday, in Italy
The Apps for an unforgettable holiday, in Italy
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The Apps for an unforgettable holiday, in Italy

The best travel companions to have on your smart phone

Apps more than other technological tools are becoming our best friends making our life easier. Even when we go on holiday, they take care of us providing very good tips. For this reason, the magazine Panorama has spotted the 16 best Italian apps very well known and downloaded. Let us explore some of them.

A very good example is Salvati la Pelle (Watch your Skin) telling us how long we should sunbathe on the great multitude of breath-taking Italian beaches without getting sunburnt and what sunscreen to use. Highly reliable, this app was created by the Melanoma Onlus Foundation. Furthermore, one should take advantage of the beautiful places and capture the moments, sending amazing photos to friends using Prisma, transforming your shots into paintings recalling Van Gogh's style.

In order to track your moves and save all the memories of your holiday, you should use Findery, an online diary telling the stories of several travellers from around the world. While you travel, it could happen to meet people from other countries and to have a hard time in communicating with them. But don't panic. Parla e Traduci (Speak and Translate) will be your personal interpreter and solve all your problems.

If your battery does not last long enough to do what you need with your phone, do not hesitate to download Du Battery Saver, increasing your charge of 50 pr cent. More than 400 million users around the world say that it brilliantly works.

Last but not least, if you do not have time or money to go to on holiday and you are forced to stay in the city, you can always pretend to be in amazing places thanks to Fake Gps. Post written from your sofa can be falsified from wherever in the globe you wish to be.

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