Digital Magics: a Springboard for Internet Business
Digital Magics: a Springboard for Internet Business
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Digital Magics: a Springboard for Internet Business

The first Italian Venture Incubator to Finance Innovative Ideas

Digital Magics stands as a unique successful model in Italy. It is an investment company founded in 2004 by Enrico Gasperini - one of Italy's first internet entrepreneurs - and supported by three other professionals in the market. Among them, Alberto Fioravanti, Gabriele Ronchini and Gabriele Gresta.

Digital Magics is a venture incubator that sets up and launches internet startups. The primary source is an innovative idea that is later transformed into successful, disruptive business operating in the digital economy.

The incubator assists his partners with a number of different activities: services targeted to foster the establishment and development of digital startups; support in the search of private and public investors and funds for the next development stages.

The success of this initiative relies upon the Digital Magics LAB. The team that identifies, analyses and launches new initiatives, providing the startups with mentorship, financial, administrative, strategic, logistic, technological, marketing and communication services as well as business management support to accelerate the company's development. The LAB identifies approximately ten initiatives each year, which Digital Magics then sustains. The co-financiers and buyers include a variety of major industrial and Venture Capital groups and several Business Angels.

Among the successful examples of companies launched by the incubator, Growinsh is worth mentioning. An important group of business angels decided to invest ? 500.000 to increase the company's capital. Growinsh stands as an avant-garde business that offers a collective payment method to buy presents on the web and share the amount among the participants. Digital Magics decided to invest on it, providing a springboard for its success. Claudio Cubito - Growish Co-Founder and CEO- publicly praised the incubator for its trust and support.

Finally, the incubator really seems to foster a culture of entrepreneurship and risk thus contributing to economic growth and increasing the youth-employment rate in the country.

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