BabyGuest: a new Italian start-up for baby-travellers
BabyGuest: a new Italian start-up for baby-travellers
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BabyGuest: a new Italian start-up for baby-travellers

The 30-year-old Italian mum Serena Errico launched this initiative after experiencing hardship in travelling with her baby

Serena Errico is the founder of the new start-up BabyGuest, created in order to facilitate young families' life when travelling. Mrs Errico has launched a website where parents can book and rent the equipment they need to make sure their babies are confortable when they reach their Holiday destination. The bookable items range from baby bottles, high chairs, toys to strollers and costumers will find in situ, already clean and ready to use. This service covers the whole European territory, having Bergamo as headquarter.

The young start-up is also developing a sale/rent channel with tour operators, in order to make hotels and touristic villages more "kid friendly".

"BabyGuest is the only platform for children hosting equipment accessible to both families and qualified operators" pointed out Serena Errico, also stressing the prominence of her business in a context like Expo 2015. In fact, among the 24 million visitors expected for the universal exposition, 43% will be families and among them 11% will have children between 0 and 4 years old. For this reason, BabyGuest is already at work in Milan, having as testimonial Frank Camilleri, World Hotel Cristoforo Colombo General Manager.

His resort has been the new start-up's first partner. Mr Camilleri himself declared he experienced hardship in travelling with his young children. As a result, in quality of manager of a big hotel chain, he considers essential to be well equipped to welcome the youngest guests and make it easier for the parents. "The hotel needs to provide its guests with an experience of maximum comfort" Mr. Camilleri stated, also adding Hotel Colombo's desire to offer a better service to all kinds of guests, families included.

Serena Errico is now ready to export her innovative idea abroad, and she is already in contact with two partners, one in Singapore and the other in the United Arab Emirates.

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