Food innovation Global Mission

Food innovation Global Mission

Promoting sustainable food and Made in Italy delicatessen

An incredible tour has recently concluded, celebrating food all over the world. The project is known as Food innovation Global Mission and was sponsored by the Bologna Future Food Institute – committed to promote innovation and training in the food sector - and Maker Faire Rome. This ambitious project involved 16 researchers coming from 10 different countries and touched 12 cities in 10 countries around the world, first leaving from Italy.

This initiative was also supported by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the International Cooperation. The Food innovation Global Mission visited the main food tech hubs of the world to meet with companies, startups, makers, scientists, institutional representatives, universities and many more subjects involved with food innovation. The main aims of the initiative were to promote a more sustainable and aware approach to food, to develop new technologies and innovations in the food sector. Another noteworthy goal of the Mission was to strengthen the connection between training institute, research centres and scientific clusters to train young talents to become the next “future food leaders”.

The Mission, lasted 2 months (from mid-May until the beginning of July), arrived in the leading food tech centres of the world including Amsterdam, Madrid, Valencia, Berlin, Tokyo, San Francisco and Mumbai. Four were the main themes on which the Mission focused on: sustainability and circular economy, proteins’ future, agricultural innovation in “smart” rural and urban contexts and the future of food service. The researchers’ work on these themes is expected to give life to publications and documentaries.

The tour was also a significant chance to enhance the popularity of Italian delicatessen at the global level, also supporting Italian companies that are expanding abroad. In fact, the tour was also carried out in partnership with the wide community of companies and foodies representing Made in Italy, as well as with the greatest international community devoted to Italian food “I Love Italian Food”.

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