Six tips to buy a good property in Italy
Six tips to buy a good property in Italy
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Six tips to buy a good property in Italy

Region, Holiday Home or Residence, Location, Habitable or Restoration, Community and Renting

Italy Magazine recently published a very interesting article to inform its readers about what they should consider before buying a property in Italy.

The reason why they decided to focus on Italy is related on the one hand to the common dream of investors to buy a property abroad, whenever they can afford that. On the other hand, they noticed that the Italian market has remained pretty constant so far, making it an even more interesting location to look at.

However, to make a great deal in Italy (and elsewhere), it is crucial to consider at least six aspects before even starting looking for a new property. The first is the region, as "Italy's twenty regions are a diverse mix of mountains and valleys and dusty plains and lush grasslands, so finding the one best suited to your needs should be your first priority". And once you have decided, it is worth visiting the place at different times of the year.

The second choice needed is related to whether the new property is expected to become a holiday home or a permanent residence. Therefore, it may be important to understand if that particular place is well connected as well as if job opportunities are available.

The location of the apartment (or house? Or rural complex?) will be important, too, as well as deciding if a house for restoration in a particular area is really a bargain or not. Generally speaking, it is not always easy to anticipate hidden costs in a foreign country. Local habits and community life should be also explored before moving somewhere else, and finally, Italy Magazine believes that "to be doubly sure you've made the right decision regarding location and house type, it's a good idea to rent for a period of time that is longer than the usual two-week break, and if this isn't possible, most definitely rent out of season. Renting will give you the opportunity to truly experience the day-to-day life around you, whilst giving you the opportunity to make friends, which in turn may lead you to discover your dream house in Italy".

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