Italian electric cars becoming more and more popular
Italian electric cars becoming more and more popular
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Italian electric cars becoming more and more popular

Turin ready to invest in electric cars and recharging stations

Turin has opened its doors to the new electric car sharing service of Bolloré Group. The service should be operating before summer 2016, preceded by a testing phase in May.

Bolloré Group is active on the territory since 4 years and BlueTorino - the society of the Group taking care of the electric car sharing service - will produce 150 Bluecars and 250 recharging stations. 

Today the whole project is worth 4 million Euros, but in three years the number of electric cars will grow up to 400, along with the recharging stations, becoming 700. Therefore, the global value will go up to 13 million Euros.

BlueTorino car sharing service is already active in three French cities (Paris, Bordeaux and Lyon) and in Indianapolis. as explained by the Italian daily Il Sole 24 Ore, Serge Amabile - BlueTorino President - is quite optimistic in his forecasts on 45 thousand rentals next year that might grow up to 80 thousand.

Furthermore, Mr. Amabile has pointed out the ambitions of his company, aiming at expanding in new cities, such as Rome and London. Still, the two productive hubs will not change. Namely, the one in France and the other in Bairo (Turin), where 89 people work, producing 5 thousand cars in the last 4 years.

The Italian Minister of Transports, Graziano Delrio, has also expressed his appreciation on the project, stressing the role of Turin and Milan as models in the Italian transport scenario.

In addition, the Minister has pointed out the new measure approved by the government to foster the use of electric cars. Namely, 32 million Euros will be devoted to the creation of adequate infrastructures to develop electric mobility. Among them, 20 recharging stations will be created in two years and a half.

Finally, Bluecar stands out for its comfort (hosting up to 5 passengers) and an energetic autonomy of 250 km, thanks to the LMP (Litio-Metal-Polimeri) batteries created by Bolloré Group.

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