Welcome to Calendimaggio, Assisi's Spring Festival

Welcome to Calendimaggio, Assisi's Spring Festival

An original way to celebrate the return of spring

The first week of May Calendimaggio celebrations will start in Assisi. This is a very ancient Festival celebrating the arrival of spring. The original tradition was later transformed into a religious festival by the Romans to remember the goddesses Maia and Flora while during the Middle Age the emphasis returned on the Kalende di Maggio. Today, during Calendimaggio it is common to bump into students singing, dancing through Assisi's streets and squares to welcome spring. Considering that Assisi is traditionally divided in two parts, the "Parte de Sotto" and the "Parte de Sopra", on the last evening of the festivities the "Palio" is awarded in the neutral ground of Piazza del Comune to decide which side has better welcomed the return of spring.

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