Slow Tourism and Nature in Italy

Slow Tourism and Nature in Italy

Unique itineraries in the Po Delta, between Veneto and Emilia Romagna

Slow Tourism is becoming more and more popular in Italy. The 2017 edition of "Slow Spring" in the Po Delta, in the area between Veneto and EmiliaRomagna includes 14 weeks dedicated to birdwatching and nature tourism, wildlife photography, cycling tourism, river tourism, food and wine, environmental education and sports tourism. a perfect opportunity to enjoy greenery, fresh air, and a little relaxation.

There are many different opportunities, to please families but also those who love traveling alone, sports enthusiasts and photographers: hikes, bike rides and boat rides, horseback riding, learning labs, guided tours, activities and food and wine. This area is ready to be discovered, from Rosolina to Goro, from Mesola to Comacchio, from Ravenna to Cervia, and from the coast inland to discover the Marshes of Argenta, the Oasis of Bando, the Marshes of Ostellato, up to the areas of the Romagna low lands.

Visitors will have the possibility to get to know nature and observe the many bird species here up close in their habitat, as well as plants and animals that inhabit the Delta, and at the same time open the doors of palaces, monuments, churches where culture and the human presence can express themselves with the beauty and harmony of the visual arts (photography and art exhibitions) and of movement (theater, dance and music shows). Easy accessibility to typical local products will make the trip even more unique for Italian delicatessen lovers.

The variety of possible excursion is huge: in the Veneto area, an itinerary in a little flat-bottom boat "Po of Maistra and Golena Cà Pisani" a suggestive environment, wild and uncontaminated. Comacchio is the perfect destination for a bike ride, while for those who love history, the visit to the archeology area of Classe or the city of Ravenna with its mosaics is a must.

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