Discovering Sardinia's wild nature and luxury

Discovering Sardinia's wild nature and luxury

Unspoilt beaches, culinary specialties and VIP areas

Sardinia is one of Italy's two islands. Being completely surrounded by water, its beaches are countless and diverse. You can find equipped beaches but also very wild and unspoilt ones, where you can remain isolated from the main tourism.

The island of Asinara used to be an old prison, a place where convicts were exiled and now it is a beautiful national park, where nature has conquered back every spot. White and grey donkeys populate Asinara; sheep, boars and wild horses run on the beach. The wilderness of this small island on the western side of Sardinia makes you forget you are in Europe and in Italy and surrounds you with an atmosphere of mystery and magic.

Another place in Sardinia where you can find wild nature is Costa Verde (Green coast). Here it is easier to bump into turtles and deer than human beings. Near the village called Sant'Antonio di Santadi there are also pink flamingos.

Sardinia is also a hub for culinary excellence. Here you can taste some dishes and delis that are named with the local dialect. Gnocchi and ravioli filled with ricotta are originally hand made in the areas of Oristano and Cagliari. Also, the lorigghittas is a famous hand made pasta that is braded in the shape of a small ear. It is best eaten with tomato sauce and local mirto doc, excellent liquor made out of blueberries.

On the northern side of the island, it is easy to spot some celebrities. In particular, Porto Cervo has become a very elite destination. Luxurious villas, yachts, cocktails and fashion shows characterize the scenery here framed by Sardinia's lush nature. On the fourteen and fifteenth of August some of the main hotels organize exclusive dinners by the pool accompanied by some firework spectacles.

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