Discovering Calabria's beautiful world, in Italy

Discovering Calabria's beautiful world, in Italy

Beautiful sceneries, fireworks and kite surf

Calabria is an unspoiled region characterized by lush nature and wild beaches. According to many, the most stunning coastline is that facing Sicily. In Tropea you will find white beaches and precipitous cliffs in a sea tinged with purple tones. The atmosphere in this small village is unique. It is located on the top of a stack and is characterized by narrow intertwined lanes, from which you reach lookout points. To access the beach, you descend a long stone staircase.

Also on the Ionian Sea side of this region, blue sea and beautiful historical villages characterize the scenery. Melissa, in the province of Crotone, entered in 2012 the list of Italian beaches' excellences, becoming the new destination for quality tourism. This region is also characterized by delicious wine. Some locals are available to show visitors around wine tasting tours, gourmet restaurants and hidden natural beauties.

Thanks to the right winds and the complicated shape of its coasts, Calabria and in particular the Tyrrhenian side is the ideal destination for kite surf, the Hawaiian born sport. They call it the "kite surf mania" and there are many possibilities for visitors to attend courses at all levels. Also, in Gizzeria you have the possibility to practice all sorts of water sports, such as stand up paddle and sailing. Here, beaches have other facilities as well to play volley, beach soccer, street basket and skating.

Just a few kilometres north of Gizzeria, you encounter Belvedere Marittimo in the province of Cosenza. Here, from the 23rd to the 27th of July the Ndf14 (Notti di fuoco, lit. Nights of Fire) will take place. The festival will present to the audience various pyrotechnical shows. Every night has a different theme and the fireworks will entertain the spectators in a magic atmosphere by the sea.

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