Tribeke: when family and business come together
Tribeke: when family and business come together
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Tribeke: when family and business come together

A business style including family, curiosity, adventure and fun

Tribeke is the name of a movement made up of Italian entrepreneurs led by Dan Bogiatto, recognized by eBay as one of its super-experts in 2007 and owner of one of the most important Italian training companies.

Tribeke - officially launched in January 2017 - was conceived by Dan Bogiatto and his wife, Jenny Perotti, as a way to reconcile business life with family. Husband and wife have studied a lot to come up with a good model able to meet the needs of entrepreneurs, allowing space for training, business meetings, travels but also to spend time with family.

Tribeke provides businessmen and women the support they need - for instance by organizing training courses around the world they can attend while travelling - also giving its affiliates the skills they need to best organize their life.

At present, there are several successful Tribeke Italian experiences. Besides Dan and Jenny - Tribeke founders - the story of Fausto and Rosita stands out. Married for more than 20 years, she is a professional hairdresser who - before Tribeke - spent her whole time inside her hairdresser salon. Rosita's free time only consisted of 15 days a year. Thanks to Tribeke and the training provided, Rosita and Fausto were able to change their life, better organizing their time: they have a greater turnover today and travel a lot both in Italy and abroad.

Another inspiring story is the one of Paolo and Serena who started a real "entrepreneurial revolution". Before joining Tribeke, Paolo was an osteopath who was still attending the school. Hence, the great majority of his income was devoted to the school. Thanks to Tribeke, Paolo was able to develop a new scientific model, i.e. "New Organic Osteopathy". This new model allowed Paolo to increase his turnover and to organize training courses both in Italy and in the United States.

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