Alitalia and the beauties of Italy

A new global campaign to show what the country has to offer

The Italian aviation company Alitalia recently launched a new global brand campaign celebrating Italy as the "embodiment of beauty, warmth, passion, hospitality and a way of life celebrated the world over". Alitalia's Chief Executive Officer Cramer Ball considers the country "an undisputed leader of style and innovative design", and he believes that "the Alitalia of today, as a national symbol, is imbued with the finest qualities for which this country is famous".

The new campaign also showcases Alitalia as a modern airline, its commitment to excellence in all areas of its operations, and the pride and passion of its talented people, who are the driving force behind the progress the airline has made since its re-launch. It strives to represent Italian excellence around the world, to promote a vibrant nation at the forefront of design and style, highlighting its arts, culture and landscapes.

This successful campaign also integrates a series of web videos revealing aspects of Italian warmth and hospitality, the skill and experience which has propelled Alitalia along a remarkable renewal process, and a selection of interviews with the airline's industry partners, who include exclusive and quintessentially Italian brands such as Poltrona Frau, Lavazza, Ettore Bilotta, diego dalla palma Milano, Cantine Ferrari, Atelier Fragranze Milano, and architect Marco Piva, who created the airline's new "Casa Alitalia" airport lounge designs.

The feature will be shown on global TV stations in major markets such as Italy, the USA, Brazil and Germany in both 60 and 30 seconds formats, and on social media channels, with still versions of the campaign appearing in print, digital and on outdoor channels. A strong focus will be placed on digital channels with a strategic presence on main news portals, entertainment websites and on social networks, and on mobile devices and tablets.

This short film has provided an opportunity to create a visual and emotional piece of work which connects Alitalia's brand and vision directly with the heart and mind of the viewer. Whether they are Italian or from elsewhere around the world, the campaign has been able to deliver the same message, and that is one of Italian passion and culture, expressed through the experience and achievements of its airline.

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