Italy should make things easier for young enterprisies

Italy should make things easier for young enterprisies

According to Napolitano Italy has learned how to create patents, but should put more effort into turning patents into companies

An Op - Ed by Fernando Napolitano

"The plan presented by Minister Corrado Passera goes in the right direction, it encourages young enterprises - in particular those high-tech - by making things easier."

This is the comment of Fernando Napolitano, President & Ceo at Italian Business & Investment Initiative with regard to "Restart Italia," the plan on start ups in Italy, presented by Economic Development Minister Corrado Passera.

Fernando Napolitano, who has promoted a programme in New York that helps the development of Italian companies in USA and provides support to the start ups, has underlined how important it is for the Italian Government be able to identify the international network of investors, who are already operative, that can make the difference in boosting our best companies, turning them into world champions. This is the asset and goodwill that over the last 2 years we, in joint with Mind the Bridge from San Francisco, Intesa Bank and Innogest VC fund, have created for Italian companies.

"Italy," the member of the Board of Directors of Enel added, "has learned how to create patents, but should put more effort in turning these patents into companies. Once the companies are created it is necessary to make them grow, providing them with the necessary support to become international. To make this hapen is is necessary to create synergies between Italian entrepreneurs and U.S. top venture capitalists. This is what Israel has done very well over the past 15 years. So it is possible and it has to be done. The package of measures presented by Minister Passera, therefore, is going in the right direction," Napolitano concluded.


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