China and Italy Cooperate to Train New Managers

China and Italy Cooperate to Train New Managers

From Academia to empirical reality, ISTUD and Tsinghua University work together to improve the Chino-Italian performance

Istud foundation and the prestigious School of Economics and Management of Tsinghua University (Beijing) will work together on a training course devoted to managers within Italian companies or Sino-Italian joint ventures in China.

Istud Foundation is an independent business school whose mission is to support the development of businesses and individuals willing to enter in a new, sustainable economic model based on the creation of value for all stakeholders. It acts as a bridge between theory and practice, between academy and the world of professionals, offering a great variety of services to enterprises, ranging from tailor-made activities to intercompany training.

Jlenia Ermacora - Istud International Relations Director - explained to Agi China 24 that the program is much more than a course devoted to all managerial levels. Its core objective is to support Italian companies in their internationalization through a sustainable model. The latter, Mrs Ermacora underlined, needs to keep into consideration the interests of all the actors involved in the production process.

The joint training path consists of three different phases. The first one is scheduled for March 2015, will be held in China, where a series of seminars on company management will be organized. The following one will start in June 2015 within the Italian Excellence Program organized by Istud. It consists of seminars and meetings on made in Italy, in particular on Italian economy, style and culture, tared on Asiatic managers' specific needs.  

The third phase, in September 2015, will be held in Italy. Its main aim is to broaden Chinese managers' knowledge on Italian food and wine sectors, pillars of Italian exports and fame worldwide. It will include lectures and company visits, and famous brands such as Lamborghini and Yamamay have already been included in the tour.

Throughout the year, the initiative includes exchanges of visiting professors from the two institutions and ad hoc training activities on specific issues inscribing Chinese business reality.

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