Tuscany and its love for chestnuts beer

Tuscany and its love for chestnuts beer

Claudio and Gennaro Cerullo opened their family-run brewery in 2006, making their production a must in the beer market

Not many people are aware that Tuscany is famous not only for its beautiful landscapes and its delicious food and wines, but also for its beer production.

Everything started when Claudio and Gennaro Cerullo opened their family-run brewery in 2006, Birra Amiata, making their production a must in the beer market borrowing the main secret of Tuscan wine: deep attention, sometimes devotion, to the quality of the (possibly locally sourced) ingredients.

The idea that ingredients are crucial in preparing a good beer pushed the Cerullo brothers in specializing in chestnuts beer, a production that just a few breweries can offer all year round. Moreover, differently from other chestnuts beer maker, and thanks to the huge chestnuts production that the Amiata mountain area can guarantee every year, Birra Amiata is used to avoid using a limited amount of chestnuts to make beer, offering chestnuts lovers the chance to taste their real flavor.

While Tuscany is already famous for its gastronomic and winery tradition, with small local breweries growing quite fast, the region might soon become attractive for its special and delicious pint of beer.

The Cerullo brothers are so proud of their products that they believe that "making good beer, and making it well" will soon convince Italians that it is worth substituting industrial beer with the home-made one.

For those thinking that the "death" of industrial beer might sign the one of Tuscan wine as well, please change your mind as this is impossible. On the contrary, home-made beer will only convince those remaining skeptical on Italy's potential in the agribusiness market that Tuscany is really a land of delicacies.

Finally, for those looking for some suggestion on which beer to taste first, "Bastarda Doppia" is highly recommended. It is a red beer, and thanks to its perfect mixture of Bastarda chestnuts, it offers to taster in love with coffee an unforgettable flavor to taste.

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