The international success of Parmigiano Reggiano
The international success of Parmigiano Reggiano
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The international success of Parmigiano Reggiano

Spain hosts the II edition of Parmigiano Reggiano Festival while Japan and China become more familiar with the “Italian King of Cheese”

The second edition of the famous event Parmigiano Reggiano Festival, hosted in Barcelona (Spain) from May 16th until 29th, is now about to end.

One of the most popular and appreciated products of Made in Italy is celebrated in the attractive Spanish city where 13 restaurants and a gelateria were converted into "taste ambassadors". In fact, guests had the chance to enjoy "specials of the day" all Parmigiano-based.

The Festival was also a good chance to let the public know about all the different cooking uses of the famous Italian cheese. Parmigiano suits well entrées, but also mains and deserts, all displayed and ready to be tasted in the partner restaurants. Angela Barusi - the event coordinator - has highlighted this point once more, stressing the "extraordinary cooking versatility of Parmigiano", allowing Chefs to express their creativity in a number of ways.

Further information on the Italian "King of Cheese" where made available to participants by the Parmigiano Reggiano Consortium. In particular, they concerned the productive process, nutritional values, branding and the overall history.

Undoubtedly, Italians can be proud of their Parmigiano, which is not only a landmark in their own homeland or in Europe but also abroad.

As a matter of fact, recent data highlight how appreciated the Italian cheese is in Asia. May was the month in which Italian Parmesan was promoted in Tokyo (Japan) where it is very successful. The same happened in China where Parmigiano was among the protagonists of the Sial China, the big exposition held in Shanghai from May 5th until the 7th. In spite cheese is not among the traditional food products neither in China or Japan, consumers in both countries started loving Parmigiano as well as including it in their diet.

If in Asian countries Parmesan-lovers are still the upper-middle classes, recent trends showed that the famous Italian cheese is becoming more and more appreciated by everyone.

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