Italy, the perfect trip
Italy, the perfect trip
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Italy, the perfect trip

The starting point is Venice, but the journey continues across northern Italy to the Cinque Terre region, passing through Tuscany and ending in Rome, the Eternal City

Using a highly evocative title, "The perfect trip: Italy", the Bbc introduces Italy as the country were most of the people interested in doing a "Grand Tour" to improve their knowledge and education during the 18th century focused.

After several decades, Italy remains one of the most visited nations in the world, thanks to a huge amount of easily available and hidden treasures that never lost their appeal.

The Bbc identifies as the best Grand Tour ever, a 530-mile trip with four stops. The starting point is the waterworld of Venice, and the journey continues across northern Italy to the rugged Cinque Terre region, passing through Tuscany to discover the treasures of Florence and Cortona, then ending in Rome, the Eternal City.

Venice is recommended for music, and it is described as a city that is a stage itself, "it's a show, an exhibition. When I look into the eyes of people who are looking at Venice, they are like this... His face mimics amazement. They feel this sense of... marvelloso!".

The Cinque Terre are introduced as the best option for food and wine, where "farmers and winemakers are the mountaineers of the food world, toiling up and down the contours and sometimes taking away their harvest by boat - the easiest way".

Florence is the best choice for art, as it is the city where "the whole story of Italian painting is". Cortona, instead, is introduced as the best option to experience the real Tuscan life, a place where "Beyond olive groves and vineyards, tall pines stretch graciously across the plains. Swallows swirl over red-tiled rooftops, church towers vie with cypresses as focal points, and broad fields, bright with sunflowers, merge into a misty blue horizon of hills".

Finally, Rome, the best choice for architecture, although the Bbc concludes the overview of its perfect tour quoting Byron as the best poet who summed up "the appeal of both Rome and Italy itself to the Grand Tourist: 'Fair Italy! Thou art the garden of the world, the home of all art yields, and nature can decree.'"

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