Italian Rice among Expo 2015 protagonists
Italian Rice among Expo 2015 protagonists
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Italian Rice among Expo 2015 protagonists

Risi National Authority will have a space within the Federalimentare Pavilion “Cibus è Italia” to exalt Italian rice excellency

Rice stands as an excellent product of Italian cuisine. Chief ingredient of the famous Italian risotto, it needs to be protected from potential competitors, improved in its quality and promoted abroad. In Italy, rice is grown on 219.000 hectares, representing 52% of the whole European surface devoted to rice-crop.

The wish to keep rice in high consideration led 51 rice companies to take part in the Federalimentare Pavilion Cibus è Italia at Expo 2015. The participating businesses joined under Risi National Authority' flag, which engaged in safeguarding rice as a core element of Made in Italy as well as providing assistance to the entrepreneurs in the sector.

They will stand as a hub of knowledge on rice history, know-how and recipes. During Expo, the enterprises will also benefit of a e-commerce website through which the interested consumers can get all the information on their behalf, also making a virtual tour of the establishments.

Furthermore, four events on the Pavilion terrace will be devoted to rice and its connection with the territory, whose main themes concern rice-crops history and traditions. At the same time, guests will have the chance enjoy rice and risotto tasting.

The vice Minister of Agricultural Policies Andrea Oliviero supported the initiative, defining Italian rice promotion "necessary to increase its value on the supermarkets shelves". In addition, he suggested to "highlight Italian rice variety and extraordinary quality" to face the strong international competition.

Paolo Carrà, a representative of the Risi National Authority, also acknowledged the presence of several contestants Italian rice must challenge. He stressed the need to exalt the specificities of the product, its sustainability as well as to let the consumers "know more about Italian rice healthiness, versatility and beauty". Finally, the participation in Expo 2015 should also work as a catalyst to drive companies to a further internationalization towards new markets.

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