Italian exports rise
Italian exports rise
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Italian exports rise

Italy recorded a trade surplus of 2.5 billion euros in October, and 6.5 billion euros in the first 10 months of the year

Istat presents data on Italy's foreign trade as well as unit value and volume indices (base year 2005=100) referring to October 2012. The results of the flash estimates on extra-EU trade for October 2012 were disseminated on November 22th.

  • Compared to the previous month, the percentage change of export in October is 0,0% reflecting an increase in sales for non-European markets (+0.7%) and a decrease for European markets (-0.6%). The rise in imports (0.8%) is due to the growth in purchases by non-European countries (+1.1%). In the quarter (August-October 2012), exports growth (+1.4%) is mainly due to an increase in sales to EU countries (+2.0%). The increase in import (+0.5%) is due to an increase of purchases of goods from non-EU countries (+1.5%).
  • In October 2012, compared with the same month of the previous year, export increased by 12.0% and was due to a rise in purchases for both markets: EU (+7.9%) and non EU (+17,2%). The growth of imports (+0.9%) is due to non EU countries (+2.3%). In October, trade balance amounted to +2.5 billion euros: +1.0 billion for EU countries and +1.5 billion for non-EU countries. Net of energy products, the balance was 7.6 billion euros.

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