In praise of Valtellina local food
In praise of Valtellina local food
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In praise of Valtellina local food

Cheeses, wine, pizzoccheri, bresaola and bitters among their specialties

Valtellina is a region in Lombardia boasting numerous high-quality food products which are famous all over the world.

Their most important products include cheeses (the most famous is the Bitto cheese), wine, pizzoccheri (buckwheat pasta), bresaola (dried beef) and bitters. Some of Valtellina's bitters most worthy of mention include braùlio and fruit grappa. Bràulio is a liqueur aperitif, digestive and tonic, with a pleasantly bitter taste and moderate alcohol content (21 %). Its main ingredients are herbs and medicinal plants, fruits, roots and wild berries, collected in the mountains.

Needless to say that there are hundreds of yummy reasons why you should get there during your next trip to Italy.

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